Something To Chew On

A good Saturday for me = Farmer’s Market + Book Store Browsing  (Used and New) + Good Food (including a food truck or two) x QT With Friends and Family. That said, this past Saturday was WONDERFUL! As poet/musician, all-around-great person, Shirlette Ammons ( reminded me recently, summer is made for meandering. I had a “summer” Saturday. Like too many of us, so much of my time is spent in front of one kind of screen or another. It is easy to forget how many shades of green there are in the world. . . the pleasure of walking “in the midst of” community instead of blindly “through” them . . . that plates are made by potters who have hands and names. . .  that beets are grown by farmers with deep roots and rich stories . . . that the internet is convenient, but tracing a curious finger spine-to-spine and stack-to-stack amid bookstore smells and eclectic bookstore conversations let’s me jump down the rabbit hole with so much more wonder than google or ping.

My favorite two children’s book finds this weekend were IN GOD’S NAME by Sandy Eisenberg Sasso
Illustrations by Phoebe Stone.

IN GOD’S NAME is an elegant, beautiful, pitch-perfect book about different communities of people coming together to speak the name of God (healer, father, mother, counseling) and trying to come to terms of which (if any) is the “true” name. Read it. Then give it to a special little person to help plant seeds of inclusivity and loving kindness or a special big person to honor difference with humility and grace.

My six month old loves INDESTRUCTIBLES and I love that they really are (for babies anyway). Finally, he has a book that’s made for him to chew, slobber on, pull and scrunch only for me to get to wash it with soapy water to prep for next time. What’s more, the stories are all short, familiar nursery rhymes told in pictures with no words. So, kids can chomp away, and storytellers can remember the tales as told and have fun making up the difference in-between the lines.

Here’s wishing you a week filled with wonderful things to chew on– big ideas and interesting questions no less than yummy local food.


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